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About Us

Scion Wood Vineyard is owned and operated by the Grycel family - Rob, Ileana and children. The vineyard and land is where the family began... They were married with the vineyard as the serene backdrop... And as soon as the young ones could hold their heads up, they were out in the vineyard in backpack carriers pruning and harvesting. The vineyard and love of wine, connects the Grycel family and the tradition of winemaking. It defines who they are and how they spend their time together.

"We love our vineyard and love our wine, and would like to share that love with the home winemaker, area wineries and wine consumers in Calaveras County and beyond," says Rob Grycel.

We continue to strive for perfection in our winegrape. Consequently, we drastically reduced herbacide use with the introduction of babydoll sheep in July 2010. At harvest time, bird netting is utilized at 100 percent coverage from ground floor to ground floor to protect winegrapes from birds. Routine refractometer readers are utilized to determine ripeness and grapes are picked at the peak of harvest.

Vineyard and Winegrape Facts









Vineyard Planted:




July 1996


Vineyard Location:
Sierra Foothills


Copperopolis, California
Calaveras County
990' Elevation




Zinfandel 1A
"Zinfandel 1A and 2 came to FPS in 1961 from a vineyard in Lodi owned by Leon Handel. The climate in the Lodi-Woodbridge area is amenable to growing good quality Zinfandel grapes due to the marine influences permeating the San Joaquin Delta region of the Central Valley. FPS 1A was first registered in the California Grapevine R&C Program in 1962."*




Traditional, double with spreaders
Trellis System:

"Advantages - Phylloxera resistant, Good nematode resistance, Moderate drought tolerance, Moderate tolerance to chloride. Limitations - Rejects some virused budwood Successful Applications - Widely adapted to much of California. Popular alternative to Freedom in Central Valley. Production/split canopy programs in moderate to vigorous soils."***


Pruning System:




*Information obtained by the National Grape Registry.
**Information obtained by Duarte Nursery.
***Information obtained by National Co-operative Soil Survey.



Soil Type:

















Auburn Series – 741
“These soils occur on undulating to steep foothills at elevations of about 300 to 3,000 feet. The surface is generally metabasic and metasedimentary rocks, mainly amphibolite schist or diabase. The climate is moist sub-humid mesothermal with a mean annual precipitation of 20 to 40 inches, with warm dry summers and cool moist winter.”***